Taking Decks to the Next Level

Even though composite decks have been around for a few decades, it is only recently people seem to have woken up to its benefits. The reason for its popularity is simple. It has changed a lot over years with the improvement of technology. With the resurgence in popularity, demand for composite material grew. And with it, manufacturers rose to the occasion and came out with several different products based on the composite material. Hence, consumers started looking at their houses, especially the backyards, differently.

What are Composite Decks?
In a nutshell, a composite material is made by combining plastics with wood. The plastic part is usually made from recycled plastic. The wood part can either be from wood chips or sawdust. The two are then mixed together in a process called Extrusion. This produces a mixture of molten plastic and wood. This is then compressed in molds, giving its final shape, color, and texture. From all this, it may sound like composite materials is a modern …